Zeppelin III1.

• First successful blood transfusion
• Allied forces withdraw from Gallipoli
• Paris bombed by German Zeppelins




• Battle of Verdun begins in France



Colonel Pancho Villa2.

• Pancho Villa raids Columbus, NM – 17 Americans killed. Pershing leads reprisal raid into Mexico with 6,000 troops
• First U.S. air combat mission; 8 planes pursue Villa as part of Pershing’s force




• Norman Prince and William Thaw establish Lafayette Escadrille in France
• Easter Rising in Ireland



German battle cruiser Seydlitz damaged
in battle of Jutland3.

• U.S. Marines invade Dominican Republic
• Britain and France reach secret agreement to divide Arab areas of Ottoman Empire following war
• Battle of Jutland – largest naval battle of WWI


• Davison is crew manager at Gales Ferry for “The Race”– compact made with Robert Lovett to join air service in case of war
• Al Sturtevant, Allan Ames, Erl Gould, Cord Meyer, Seth Low, Geo. Lawrence, and Chas. Wiman join Lovett and Davison in pact
• Davison cancels passage to France and contacts parents about aerial coast patrol unit idea
• Davison meets McCullogh and the Mary Ann (Curtiss F-Boat) at Port Washington

U.S. president Woodrow Wilson4.

Curtiss F-Boat named “Mary Ann” used
in Unit training5.

• President Woodrow Wilson leads preparedness parade in DC; renominated for president in St. Louis
• U.S. National Guard called up sent for training in PA – Foundation of ROTC
• Yale Battery goes on active service
• Brusilov Offensive – height of Russian operations in WWI
HMS Hampshire sunk off Orkney Islands, Scotland; British Lord Kitchner killed.


• H.P. Davison gets behind Unit & okays recruitment
• Davison sends telegram to first 12 Unit members
• Davison visits Naval Sec. Josephus Daniels in DC – Navy withholds support
• Sturtevant and Wiman flying Army machines at Grovernors’ Island

Telegram sent to John Vorys from Trubee
Davison inviting him to join Unit6.

Navy Secretary, Josephus Daniels7.

• Battle of Somme begins – more than 1 million killed by Nov. 18
• William Boeing incorporates Pacific Aero Products in Seattle, WA
• Preparedness Day parade bombed by radicals in San Francisco
• Black Tom explosion in ammo depot in Jersey City, NJ


• Original Unit members learn to fly at Port Washington, Long Island; David McCulloch, instructor

First Yale Unit members with instructor
David McCulloch8.

• U.S. Naval Reserve Appropriations Act passed
• Wilson signs legislation creating National Park Service


• Wiman injured in air crash on Grovernors’ Island – drops out of Unit


• British pilot William Leefe-Robinson downs first German airship


• Former president William Howard Taft visits Yale, watching son Charlie and teammates Vorys and Gates take football practice

William Howard Taft9.





• Wilson is reelected president, defeating Charles E. Hughes
• H.M.H.S. Britanic sunk after hitting German mine
• Bucharest occupied by Central Powers


• Second Yale Unit is formed; lead by Ganson G. Depew
• H.P. Davison enlists Colonel Lewis S. Thompson to run business affairs of Unit

Sopwith Camel replica10.

• British introduce Sopwith Camel
• Battle of Magdhaba in Sinai
• Rasputin murdered in Russia

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