Mrs. Daniel P. Davison
The Florence Gould Foundation
The Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation
Jill Kingsley  
Howard and Gretchen Leach 
Alexander and Sally Lynch
Marjorie A. Matheson
JP Morgan Chase & Co. 
Wilson and Eliot Nolen
The George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Foundation
The Overlook International Foundation
The Perkin Fund
Eliot Spitzer
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Barbara B. Taylor 
Andy Bacas
Jamie Nicholls and Fran Biondi Charitable Trust 
Taylor Bodman
Adele Brown
Gilbert & Ildiko Butler Family Foundation, Inc.
Douglas Campbell Jr. 
Kyra Cheremeteff
Steve Davis
Daniel P. Davison*
George P. Davison & Judith F. Rivkin 
James S. Davison
Jane I. Davison
Malcom "Mike" P. Davison
Warren & Elizabeth Dean
Laura F. Dunn 
Larry Frost
Lou Greer Frost
Louis S. Gimbell III
George M. L. Gould
Thomas Heath
David Herskovits
League of WWI Aviation Historians 
Margo House
Christopher Kelly Family Foundation 
Michael Kempner
Mary & Ken King
Mrs. Robert S. Lovett II
Mrs. J.T. Lawrence 
Richard & Dee Lawrence
Anonymous Fund No. 35 of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Lawrence Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation 
Rose Peabody Lynch 
Elizabeth G. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Chapin Nolen Fund 
Peter J. Regina 
Donald M. Roberts
Louise Stephaich 
Carol Lee Sutherland
Katherine Streitwieser
Dudley Taft 
Peter & Sunny Toulmin
Stanley Trotman, Jr. 
E. Duke Vincent
Allison & Matt Abbott 
Bank of America
John Anderson
Johnathan Bergner
Sarah & Rick Bertasi
Patrick Boyle
Sharon & John Bowman 
Christopher Brown
Daniel P. Davison Jr. 
Daniel Davison III
Ottavio Serena Di Lapigio 
Sarah Frost Eames
Helen Fitz
John D. B. Gould
Paula & John Hornbostel
Loretta Hubbard 
Anne Karalekas
Matthew Kenaston
Holly King 
David Lawrence
Richard H. Lawrence 
Elizabeth G. Miller
Thomas Opladen
Barry Osborn
Stephen Plumlee
Elliot Scott 
Arlene Solomon
Hayden Technologies
Stephen Plumlee
Erl G. “Puck” Purnell
Art & Ann Vorys
Martin Vorys*
Phillip Walker 
Mark Wilson

David Anderson
Ed Armstrong 
John Artz
Susan Baker
David Ball
Richard R. Davis 
Alexander "Max" Davison
Dewey Deeton
Carmel Ann Ferrara
Robert S. Gordon
David B. L. Gould
James Higgins
Joseph Holland
Joanne E. Johnson
Ellen Kazimer 
Rossann MacGregor
Glenn Morrissey
Patrick O'Connell
Puck Purnell 
Darley Randall
Fred Roos
Roger H. Samet
Lawrence D. Sheely*
Delight St. John-Brainerd
Dolly Truxel
Beverly Walker
Kay F. Wilder Trust

We would also like to thank the many friends, supporters and organizations that have been generous of their time, council and research information since the project’s inception.

Paul Barrosse
David I. Brown
Bobbie Brown
Jes Vorys Canby*
Mac Canby
Yellot Canby
Aaron Clark
Daniel DeMott
Henry P. Davison II
Mike Davison
Beth Dolan
Hugh Esten
Todd Finchum
Michael Gates-Fleming
Mimi Freedman
Cory Gabel
Stephanie Geyer
Page Gold
Polly Hitchcock
Chip Houghton
Margo House
Harvey Hubell
Charles Khoury
Holly King
David Lawrence
Phillip Makanna
Elizabeth McGlinchey
John McGlinchey
Debi Murray
Rick Parks
Burr Purnell
Fred Roos
Geoffrey Rossano
Terry Sanders
Roger Sheely
Morgan Sloane
Ken Spooner
William North Sturtevant
Webb I. Vorys
Jay Vorys
Beverly Walker
Chuck Wentworth
Marc Wortman


Antique Aero
Atticus Interactive
Cradle of Aviation Museum
Glenn Curtiss Museum
Huntington Historical Society
Imperial War Museum
League of WWI Aviation Historians
Momentous Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
J.P. Morgan 
National Air And Space Museum
National Naval Aviation Museum
The National Museum of the United States Navy
The National World War One Museum
New England Air Museum
Oberon Creative
Ohio Historical Society
Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
Palm Beach Historical Society
Philips Academy Andover
Smithsonian Institution
The Groton School
The Vintage Aviator, Ltd.
U.S. Naval Institute
Yale Glee Club



We would also like to extend a very special thank you
to Erl G. “Puck” Purnell who has provided the project with
invaluable assistance and support as a writer,
fundraiser and all around great guy.
In addition, we would like to recognize the
very generous contributions of the talented
graphic designer Burr Purnell who created
our corporate identity, newsletter and website design.



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